Data Mining: An Intelligent Business Solution

As most of us already know, handling large amount of data in a data ware house, also commonly known as big data, has always been a problem even with the powerful computers we use today. Most data mining software are unable to handle big data real time which makes it unsuitable for software such as business intelligence systems and decision support systems.

But more and more companies does need to process big data real time and how do they solve these problems with the data mining software used today? The most common solution is to just focus on the most relevant data, often with large data amounts you only need a fraction of these data for your decision support system and the rest is something which analysing over several days would be just fine.  This requires a pretty advanced datamining solution to know which parts to focus on and which to give a lower priority. One company who have made a special BI solution for thie big data problem is the company Targit, you can read more about their approach to the problem over at their own webpage by clicking on the image at the top of this article, if you require more information that what is shown on their webpage, send them a mail and tell them what you need, they got a great customer support service and usually gets back to you within the same day.

The other solution to the big data problem, is a much more expensive solution. But store the data on several high end servers and setting these up as a parallel cluster, each of them handeling their own seperat part of the datawarehouse and by combining their power be able to process the large data amounts real time. Even that isn’t always enough to display the data fast enough for some companies. For those special cases, fast access to all the data is essential and and even the best SSD (Solid State Drive) isn’t always fast enough. Here you may need a ram drive, which is similar to a sdd disk but normally based on high speed DDR3 memory. Such a solution is often very expensive but will enable you to analyse large amounts of data lightning fast.

But for most companies a normal business intelligence solution is more than enough and it will in 99.9% of the cases be able to pull the data from the data warehouse fast enough to display the various data real time, drill down and compare various data tables in a few clicks.

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