Easy Data Feed is for online retailers who are dissatisfied with their drop ship supplier’s digital data for inventory, pricing and even universal product information. Easy Data Feed is a data extraction software that is designed to quickly and easily download inventory, pricing and product information into a usable spreadsheet from your drop ship supplier’s online portal without relying on the drop shipper. Unlike Data Extractors such as Mozenda, or overseas programmers, we have created a free desktop application that you can run on demand with one click of a button from your own computer, on a schedule, and insert the pricing as well as inventory right into your eCommerce website using Dropbox or FTP. If you can copy and paste the data by hand, then Easy Data Feed can extract it for you automatically.



Imagine there was a way for you to extract data from any website, and have it downloaded for you into an excel sheet or an online database on demand. Let me ask you this? How much time do you waste on your computer researching, reviewing, revisiting, copying, and pasting online data into some usable format, and wishing that there was a way to extract this data automatically, and just download it where you want it, in the format that you need it. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Introducing Easy Data Feed, the most powerful open source data extraction software and integration platform of its kind that allows developers to connect applications together quickly and easily, enabling them to exchange data.

Data Extraction: means you can extract absolutely any kind of data from any website.

Integration Platform: means that you can take that extracted data and download into any database of your choice such Google Docs, CRM system, or a Shopping Cart.

Easy Data Feed enables easy integrations between existing online applications, regardless of the different technologies that the applications uses. Easy Data Feed will be open source with documented APIs and training videos that teach you how to build these connectors. Even if you are not a developer you can easily outsource your work to developers overseas because it is easy to learn how to build them. It only takes a junior developer three hours to learn, and twenty hours to master.

The web is stocked full of valuable data, but getting that data in a usable format is not easy. Product Information, Leads from Business directories, Vendor Inventory Levels, Competitor Analysis, SEO results, the list goes on and on of available online data that could be turned into valuable digital assets if you get it quickly, easily, and in usable format.

End users of Easy Data Feed will simply launch it, press the start button, and enjoy a 100% automated process of extracting data from any website, and downloading it into any database.

You can build connectors for yourself to get data that you need, when you need it and in the format you need it, or you can build connectors and sell them as a software as a service.

There is no setup fees, and no monthly fees for you to use Easy Data Feed.  Easy Data Feed will store your connectors in the cloud so you can access them from any computer. You don’t have to worry about costly hardware, or monthly fees because it will harnesses your local CPU to physically extract data from any website and download that data to any local or online database.

At first it started as a data extraction software, and later we’ve developed the integration platform on it.

There are three big reasons Easy Data Feed is a big deal:

  1. It works, it really really does work, I can’t even say enough how well it works because I use the prototype every day. We want everyone to use it to change their lives and their businesses just like it did for us
  2. The more data extractors and connectors that the community will develop and share, the easier it will be for people and companies to connect. we can give tens of thousands of developers a way to truly disrupt an industry in ways I can’t even explain.

Your small investment today, will get you unlimited, lifetime license to Easy Data Feed and you will never have to pay a monthly fee for it. You can also resell the apps you developer to others, and we will also give you royalty free access to the apps we already developed to resell to anyone you want.

If we can make this project a reality, you can be a part of something big. Something that will truly disrupt the internet because for the first time ever people just like yourself can get any kind of data from the web, the way they want it, and anywhere they want it.

Join us so you can connect and automate everything in your personal life and in your business. Your data is waiting.



What is a System?

Easy Data Feed is a true definition of a system. A system stands for “Save yourself Stress Time Energy and Money”. Easy Data Feed can extract any online data into a usable format, and then use the available software connections to transmit the extracted data into the software of your choice that you use every day saving you Stress, Time, Energy and Money.


What if I am not a programmer can I still use this?

If you’re not a programmer or don’t have the time to write the connectors, we can have a developer for you at hourly rate of under $10/hr. On average it takes 4 hours for a programmer to write a connector to extract data, which means if you have a developer at $10/hr it will cost you only $40 one time to extract any data from any website, and if want to create a full integration connectors between two software APIs, such as Quickbooks connecting with SalesForce it takes an average 50 hours to do this, and it will cost you only $500 one time to make that connection work. The opportunities to connect the web with Easy Data Feed is endless.

How do companies make money from integration platforms?

There are companies like Mulesoft who sell integration solutions for thousands in setup fees, and hundreds per month. There are companies like Webgility who sell these connectors for a monthly fee to their customers. Mozenda sells data extraction services for a monthly fee plus pageview. Using Easy Data Feed you can start a business literally overnight by connecting two software API together and selling those connectors to customers who use both of those softwares.


How do you use Easy Data Feed today?


Our company uses hundreds of connecters, we use Easy Data Feed to connect and scale our company. For example our whole teams Google Calendar is synced with our internal company calendar through Easy Data Feed.

We use it to migrate our clients old website data to their new website, pull inventory, product data, prices from their suppliers website, register Godaddy domain names with coupons codes through their website without an API, audit prices on products, discontinue old product by merging their current data and new data. We even did a competitive analysis for a tradeshow that we wanted to attend, and we used Easy Data Feed to extract the last 5 years of attendees and see who went to that show year after year, and then we made a connection to linkedin to find someone from their company and send them an automated message for feedback about that show.

Our clients use it to spy on their competitor prices and then they have it communicate back to their own website to lower all prices by 5%, in fact I read an article recently about Amazon using this strategy to force Diapers to sell the company to them.

Our clients get tracking information from their suppliers into their email, and they use Easy Data Feed to pull tracking numbers from emails and plug them into their website, they use it to send new orders to their supplier systems through Software APIs. Even those suppliers that don’t have APIs, Easy Data Feed can connect to their regular website as a regular website visitor and place the orders for them.

I even use it personally for my personal daily grind. For example when I want to see what new movies are out, I don’t waste time researching I have no time for that. I use Easy Data Feed to go every day, pull the latest movies release dates and scores from IMDB and tell me what movies I like based on high score and movie type, I use it extract all my emails and generate a customized news report for me that was in my mailbox, I have at least 50 different connectors running just synchronizing raw internet data to google docs that I can than review when I need to. Easy Data Feed has built it decaptcha solving so I use it to be the first to order tickets when they become available. I use it to spy on eBay to see if anyone has listed new gadgets, I even use it to go to Kickstarter twice a week and send me an SMS alert when there is a cool technology project that got over funded so I can check it out to buy it.

I have at least 50 processes on my own laptop running right now.

Easy Data Feed hands down completely eliminated our daily grind. Both on in my personal life, and in our companies. I finally feel like I have 1000 hands, and I can do everything just by programming a process and let it run. I would need 200 more staff today in order to do everything Easy Data Feed does for our company. Without Easy Data Feed Not only would we not be able to grow at a record pace, but we wouldn’t grow at all because some processes are so complicated that you need some very expensive people to be on your payroll to do it, the alternative is to program a process like Easy Data Feed to do it for you. And it easy, because you can do it in a few hours.

Since the creation of Easy Data Feed we’ve had a tremendous demand from hundreds of developers to open up this platform for everyone to use.


Other useful Applications


  • Gather leads from online business directories.
  • Extract product reviews on from other websites.
  • Gather classified ads from many different sites to fulfill orders for NEW ITEMS on closeout.
  • Gather product catalogs including images and product manuals from wholesalers/manufacturers websites.
  • Monitor order status from ecommerce portals. See what orders you still need to fulfill, when they were ordered, and all applicable details.
  • Extract top selling information for products on auction websites.
  • Monitor competitor's inventory information.
  • Monitor competitor's pricing and use it to re-price your own products.
  • Verify that distributors are selling products in accordance with contracts (right price, right condition, right quantity).
  • Check the meta information on pages of a website (description, keywords, page title).
  • Extract YouTube videos for your own website.
  • Extract information from corporate financial statements.
  • Gathering auto part compatibility information (which part goes with which cars).
  • Extract useful information from encyclopedia and journal websites.
  • Extract dealer inventory information.
  • Create RSS feeds for specific keywords on various websites.
  • Extract product images and specification documents.
  • Check competitor's shipping rates on major shopping sites.
  • Check discount information, how many people bought the discount etc. Create discount aggregation sites by extracting discount information from sites such as
  • Retrieve tracking information for shipments from your email and have it auto update your website.
  • Monitor twitter to regularly grab tweets about a certain collection or from a specific member.
  • Retrieve data from an Amazon competitor and re-use their ASIN# to list on Amazon to compete with that seller
  • Use EDF for Amazon - If you want to learn how EDF can be used for Amazon Associates watch this video - How to use Easy Data Feed to populate products from Amazon

These are essential tools that every ecommerce shop owner is begging for.

The functions provided by EasyDataFeed include complete store data migration, though an easy to use interface, customized migration services, recent data migration services, all done through your desktop. Whatever your data needs, EasyDataFeed has the answer. If you have a question, we will be happy to provide with the answer. Make sure to contact us on all matters concerning EasyDataFeed functionality and features.