Easy Data Feed vs. Handy Web Extractor

The information that the Internet has to offer is mind boggling as there are so many things to read, see, and analyze. It would need a bunch of people appointed especially for the task of updating information and conducting competitive analysis. Businesses cannot afford to waste their resources like time, manpower, or any funds on this task, no matter how important it seems. For this purpose there is the Data Extraction software that does the needful.

Data Extraction software is in high demand in today’s times owing to the innumerable amount of information that the web has to offer. The software is nothing but web scrapping tools, which run in the form of browser extension as well as standalone programs. Such data tools are designed specifically for the business users and do not always require a lot of technological skills backing its usage. Within a span of few seconds one can get the desired kind of information in the desired way for further analysis. There is several such tools available online, one better than the other. We have taken two such tools that have been known to make business life a lot simpler.

If at all you are venturing into the creation of your own ecommerce website, then having good web extraction software is simply a necessity. Having such a software helps you keep a track of the business’s critical information and the information about the competitor’s site as well. The web extraction tool is an automated software that is available online that helps to transfer the data from one particular platform to the other. These tools normally make use of intelligent features wherein the user need not strain too much on the technological aspects.

Handy Web Extractor:

The Handy Web Extractor is a tool which is used for the routine content monitoring and mundane data extraction. It periodically downloads the web page content and then extracts the vital information to display it on your desktop window. It is considered to be the basic data extraction software that takes on its own niche pertaining to plug-ins and scrapping software. It is best suited for tracking down information that keeps changing but from a regular source. Hence, Handy Web Extractor makes this task easy by refreshing the content on the site.  

The Handy Web Extractor is the perfect tool if you are dealing with stocks or news articles etc. as its auto refresh on the information makes it very easy for you check on the current data. The settings that need to be inserted so as to enjoy the benefits of the Handy Web Extractor include; the website URL that you want to track, update the extract path, specify minutes of update, check on the auto start option, etc. Once these commands are set, one would not have to check back on them. From time to time as per the updates, the results would change, thus making your data mining task easy to handle. It is quite a basic tool and is not capable of multi-tasking for the purpose of competitive analysis.

Easy Data Feed:

Easy Data Feed is one of the best data extraction tools that are available online and offers the best services that any business would ideally be on the lookout for, from such a tool. It comes with a basic onetime fee that is very reasonable and the best part is that it comes with unlimited usage. With EDF, one can download inventory with its product information and pricing details. The portal provides all the vital information from varied sources as desired. It is the best solution when it comes to inventory management.

Easy Data Feed is a desktop application that manipulates its own pricing so as to make a clear competitive analysis with the competitors pricing. The details acquired by EDF ensures boost in sales without any technical hassles pertaining to comprehend its way of functioning. Easy Data Feed facilitates easy extraction of the data that is desired from any of the reference sites or competitors website, regardless of the volume or the pricing information. The editing of the data can be easily accomplished by the File Transfer Protocol or even the drop box menu.

It may even be used to auction the data from the other web pages so as to check the market positioning. It is a quick software and the information like cost price, merchandize details, and other financial information can be very easily downloaded. It doesn't comprise of loss of any important data when it comes to shifting platforms, which is an essential trait for a business. Your business decisions can be easily taken without having to lose any of your resources.

Thus, we see that for the very basic and mundane tasks, the Handy Web Extractor tool is best suited; however, for a more enhanced and wider application the Easy Data Feed tool is best suited.