Easy Data Feed vs Visual Webripper

There are a lot of different types of data extraction software that you can find on the Internet. It is extremely important that you go through the details of the software and pick the ones that look to be the best option because this is the right way in which you can improve the growth of your business.

When it comes to data extraction or even data migration software, the top two choices that you have are Easy Data Feed and Visual Webripper. So, you can go through the details of the services provided by the different software and then decide as to which one you will like to opt for.

What Can Visual Webripper Do?

Visual Webripper is one of the popular web extraction software and comes loaded with plenty of different factors. Some of the top features are as follows:

  • The visual project editor that is used by Visual Webripper is interactive and useful. One does not need to be technically proficient to use the platform as the instructions are extremely clear and not ambiguous.
  • You can even extract a lot of related and important information that includes product catalogs and other details of the websites as well.
  • The software works in an automated manner as it can go through the intricate details of the website and it can extract all the required information, which will thereby provide the related details that will come in handy for your business.
  • The data that is scraped can be saved to excel files and CSV files, so you will have ample of different options to pick from.
  • It can come in handy for the sake of organizing your database efficiently and thus it can also play a huge role for inventory management.
  • It comes with the ability to harvest the required data without being detected. So, you can check out the details of your competitor and other rival sites without leaving a trace that you opted for such activities.
  • It also has advanced features like command line processing and comprehensive API.
  • You can export data from one platform to another. Moreover, the platforms that are supported are limitless, diverse, and huge.
  • Even when it comes to web scraping sessions, sometimes people do not have time to do it in an orderly manner. Visual Webripper comes with the ability to schedule the scraping sessions and this can make sure that the task will be done even when you do not have time to log in to the system.

The Uses Of Easy Data Feed:

Easy Data Feed is one of the most recommended software that can come in handy for all those who are looking to try their hand in the field of data scarping and data extraction.

Following is the comprehensive list of the features that Easy Data Feed provides to its users:

  • It is a free to use desktop software that can come in handy for extracting data from multiple sources.
  • It can also help you in gathering the different ads and classifieds.
  • Easy Data Feed comes equipped with a lot of advanced features too and it can be operated without detailed technical knowhow.
  • It is extremely useful for all those who are looking to compete on Amazon as you can have access to the ASIN# number and then compete with your rival sites.
  • It can help you get details of pricing information and other strategies of your competitor which in turn can help you plan your own business moves.
  • All those who are worried about dealing with the fluctuating stock can make use of Easy Data Feed as it provides an efficient and automated way of handling the stock details efficiently and diligently.
  • Easy Data Feed can gather lead from different business directories.
  • You can also synchronize it with Twitter as it will help you to extract tweets from a specific dealer or an organization and thus it will give you an insight into the details of a company.
  • You can even extract images of different products and a lot of related specifications. Moreover, all this information can be downloaded and put to use.
  • It can also help in maintaining the details of your inventory and even maintain stock details as well.

These are some of the top features that Easy Data Feed provides. Now that you have an idea of the features offered by both the software, you can decide the ones to be used. Easy Data Feed is extremely easy to operate and you do not require any cost to use it. It is one of the most popular choices among people and enjoys some of the finest reviews too. Even when you are migrating your entire shopping cart, it is the perfect choice that you can have.