Easy Data Feed vs. New Prosoft

With the amount of matter available online, for a business to sift through all the information in a way that facilitates ease of use is the most important task. This cannot be manually done as there is too much of processing that needs to be completed. This is why the popularity of web extraction software’s has increased in today’s time.

There are a lot of web extraction software that are available and have proved to be very useful for the business. This is true especially when you have to set up the structure of your ecommerce site. It is very essential to make use of such automated software’s as it assists in maintaining the inventory records and also facilitate easy transfer and extraction of information from one platform to the other.  

The information online is acquirable in several formats like TXT, HTML, MySql, Excel etc. hence it becomes very difficult to apply the information as and when required in their default format. For efficient and effective migration, making use of an effective data extraction tool is a must. The web extractor software’s are designed and created specifically to fetch information and process it to be presented in a form which is easily applicable. Thus, the data can be easily presented in formats like Excel, Text, PowerPoint, etc. Two of the most popular tools in this domain are Easy Data Feed and New Prosoft.

Features and advantages of New Prosoft:

New Prosoft is a renowned name in data extraction software’s and offers several benefits to its users. It is premium software and comes at a price. The New Prosoft content extractor permits its users to extract the data as well as images from the desired websites without any manual intervention and also delivers the results with a mere click of the mouse.  It is a very powerful tool that is easy to use and separates the irrelevant information from the required one. It offers a wizard driven and friendly interface, which will help you seamlessly go ahead with the data extraction procedure. It builds an extraction pattern with an easy point and click application.

New Prosoft also has its specific Web Email Extractor tool specially designed as email extraction software. It permits the user to crawl through the sites and fetch the email addresses from their sources automatically.  This is a very useful tool when it comes to email marketing. Another offering from New Prosoft is the My Offline Browser, which as the name suggests works on the offline browsing. It is a downloader which is multithreaded. It not only downloads but also saves sites which consist of images, pages, flash files, etc. directly to your hard disk and also changes the links present in the HTML code to the local links.

More About Easy Data Feed:

Easy Data Feed is the free desktop application that assists in your meaningful data extraction from any site as desired regardless of it being your very own site or your competitor’s website. Easy Data Feed very conveniently downloads the member as well as the product details. It is also very useful when you have to migrate from one shopping cart to another platform, thus making the emigration process completely hassle free.

This tool helps in gathering several business leads that are present in numerous business directories and these leads can be put to use for one’s own business.  Accessing and extracting information from several sources through the Internet offers you varied opportunities. Extracting details from the corporate financial statements, product catalogs, competitor’s sites, and any other platform online is now made easy.  The ecommerce stores face too much of difficulty as the stock handling process is cumbersome indeed. However, with Easy Data Feed all the necessary information is easily on your fingertips.

Extracting information from social media was never so easy, as any relevant feed from Twitter or any other particular platform is easily possible with Easy Data Feed. It is indeed one of those tools which can facilitate business decisions as it gives a good insight in the details of pricing of the competitor’s site, thus allowing the business to come up with good strategies to go ahead with. There are many ways wherein you can take the benefits of Easy Data Feed, the immense features that it comes with makes it the best suited extraction tool of its kind.

In short, EDF is a one stop solution to all your data extraction needs. It does not have any bifurcated divisions and hence you have all that you need with this single tool. The best part is that it is available for free and exhibits features of a premium product. Hence, if you have a lot of information that needs to be processed and need assisting tool then Easy Data Feed software is indeed the most apt one.