Easy Data Feed vs. Extreme Scrape

Easy Data Feed and Extreme Scrape, both are intelligent online software’s. However, Easy Data Feed is growing more and more popular because of its better functionalities over Extreme Scrape. EDF can convert a cumbersome task into an easy one by enabling trouble free migration of the shopping carts from one destination to another. It keeps all the company and e-commerce associated pivotal data’s intact while migrating. This desktop application runs merely on a single click of the user. In EDF, all the necessary pricing information can be placed in the e-commerce webpage through FTP or Drop box tool.

EDF is better than Extreme Scrape because of the following reasons:

  • Extreme Scrape provides a complicated interface while EDF provides a user friendly interface.
  • The information is inefficiently stored in Extreme Scrapes while it is efficiently stored in EDF.
  • In Extreme Scrapes, extraction and recovering of the data is a cumbersome task and involves a lot of complicated steps while it is just the opposite in case of EDF.
  • Extreme Scrape is a paid application while EDF is a free one.
  • In case of Extreme Scrape, one has to be technically sound for executing the data migration, whereas in EDF just a few buttons do wonders. You have to simply press the buttons and the inventory list is displayed on the system. An amateur can also do it without any problems.
  • Data’s related to any inventories can be easily edited by FTP or Drop box menu in case of Easy Data Feed, while it sounds troublesome in Extreme Scrapes.
  • EDF can easily extract the pricing details of other competitors and adjust the cost price of its own products accordingly. This way a tough competition can be given to the opponent by boosting the sales, while this feature is missing in Extreme Scrape.
  • This software has an advantage of taking out the pertinent data from the auction web pages and checks its status in the market.
  • EDF helps in keeping a track of all the products in the market without the fear of losing its crucial data.
  • Easy Data Feed is highly efficient online software that enables the user a high speed, easy download of the merchandise, account and price information. All the relevant information can be stocked up in the spreadsheet accurately.
  • There is no role of the drop shipper and the user can play safe in case of EDF.

In addition to some useful services, it also provides easy and complicated extraction services. Some of them are listed below:

Easy Data Extraction Services:

  • The pertinent information can be conveniently migrated from an older website to the latest one.
  • The product related information can also be transferred from the provider to the user.
  • The suppliers can easily extract and track the data from the inventories.
  • Data can also be expediently extracted from the statement provided by the supplier.

Intricate Merchandise Extraction Services in EDF:

  • The distributors provide complicated information in the excel sheets. That excel sheet comprises of all the details related to the inventories. Easy Data Feed Software reads that information automatically without creating any hassles.
  • It can also feed FTP addresses mechanically.
  • The online retailers stay protected from the discrepancies of manual updating of the data.

Other splendid services offered by Easy Data Feed:                       

  • Product can be expediently reviewed and then extorted from various online portals.    
  • Business directories help tremendously in generating online leads through EDF.
  • It supports immensely in extracting the facts from various classified advertisements through varied online portals. This information is then utilized in completing the pending orders of the latest manufacturing goods.
  • Pertinent elements related to the product catalogues can also be downloaded from various web pages of the companies or the merchants.
  • Even the minutest details can be monitored from the listed e-commerce proposal orders. All the details including their status (pending or completed), the time of order placement, applicants details etc. can be evenly extracted.
  • EDF can also make out the position of the companies on the top most position through the auction pages.
  • It can also verify if the sold products meet the standard of the agreement or not.
  • In EDF, the most popular and frequently watched YouTube videos can furthermore be taken out for the customer’s website.
  • Even, the most important data’s can be pulled out from the economic records issued from the commercial houses with the assistance of EDF.
  • In EDF, labels can highlight the important details like items, stocks, supply, order status, etc.

It provides an expert solution to all of the problems by customizing migration functionalities. This easy- to use interface is unique and a wonderful software. EDF has gained an optimistic reputation in the market. Before opting for it, you must satiate your curiosity by undergoing through all the particulars and specifications. However, if you possess an e-commerce store, and have to deal everyday with varied inventories, then EDF is the supreme data relocation desktop application for you.