I just wanted to thank you for the assistance with EDF and for connecting me to Sunny regarding the issues I had. Me and Sunny scheduled a meeting and during our session he connected me to programmer Dr. Neelam. We talked over Skype and she explained how the software works and so on. Sunny and Neelam also solved a minor error with the script files very fast and professional. They really put time and effort to solve problems as fast as possible.

Now the data extraction from the website I ordered for works perfectly. I am really amazed of how fast the application extracted data for over 10 000 products in just 4 hours. This saves me weeks of hard work and I can finally launch my online store very soon. Buying the setup with EDF was one of my best investments in a long time and I am sure I will be back ordering more setups later.

Just wanted to let you know that I think you’re doing a great work and that I like your products. When I decide to launch the English version of my store, I probably will host it on Shopping Cart Elite. :)

Best and Kindest Regards
Manju Andersson
— http://www.sammydress.com/
Just wanted to give the both of you an update. I have downloaded a number of products and the system seems to be working wonderfully. I thank the both of you for not only your efforts but also for your patience.

Darrell R (Using Automotive EDF)
— http://www.4truck-accessories.com/
Our biggest obstacle was adding all the products we already had on our existing site as well as the thousands more we wanted to add to the new site. You immediately suggested we use the Easy Data Feed to populate our site and suggested we could have all the products added in just a few days. As I had never heard of EDF, I was reluctant to invest in it. I figured if I added all the products manually myself, it would take a while but would contain all the data I wanted and be extremely accurate. After countless hours of product input and still thousands of products to add, I was beginning to think the site would never be ready. Once again, you suggested I take a look at the EDF software and this time I listened. After purchasing the software and my first brand, Sunny walked me through the process of preparing the data for upload and within a few days, I had the 634 products I wanted from that manufacturer loaded on my site. I was amazed to see how quick it was and even more amazed at the accuracy of the data. My concerns of mixed up product info or images were gone. I have since ordered 5 other EDFs and with only redirects left to do, anticipate launching the site in a few days.

We have sent a link to the new site to a few of our best customers to get some feedback and I am excited to report, they were all extremely impressed with the look and vast product selection.

Thanks again for all the help and especially for introducing me to Easy Data Feed.

Domenic Mammoliti
— http://www.mississaugahardware.com