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EasyDatafeed is a unique desktop shopping cart migration tool providing a complete solution centered around the establishment of your successful online store business handling. Either you are looking to move your store to a better shopping cart solution or the latest version of your current cart, EasyDatFeed is exactly the solution you need!

The functions provided by EasyDataFeed include complete store data migration, though an easy to use interface, customized migration services, recent data migration services, all done through your desktop. Whatever your data needs, EasyDataFeed has the answer. If you have a question, we will be happy to provide with the answer. Make sure to contact us on all matters concerning EasyDataFeed functionality and features.

Here is a list of what Easy Data Feed can help you data extract


  1. Migration of your data from an old website into a new website
  2. Data Extraction of product data from your supplier or competitor
  3. Data Extraction of tracking and inventory information from your supplier
  4. Data Extraction of invoices from your supplier


  1. Distributors provide a .csv or Excel data file with inventory counts. I have to go to their website, sign in, download the file, reformat it and upload to my store. I would like to automate these feeds.
  2. Some offer an FTP address where the .txt file sits, which I now sign in to the FTP site, download the file, reformat, and upload to my store. I would like to automate these feeds.
  3. Some of them just send me an Excel file when they feel like it and there is no online link to grab the file. I assume I will need to continue to manually upload their feeds.
  4. Some have no file, but have the stock numbers listed on their website product pages only. I only use these vendors for backup right now because I can't get the live inventory feed. I assume these would be the ones that we could create "agents" for, and then automate.
  5. You will need to provide a video of what you do manually and all logins to email addresses, websites and FTP. If it is possible we prefer to have a dedicated email address which gets only inventory and no other emails.


  1. Gather leads from online business directories.
  2. Extract product reviews on from other websites.
  3. Gather classified ads from many different sites to fulfill orders for NEW ITEMS on closeout.
  4. Gather product catalogs including images and product manuals from wholesalers/manufacturers websites.
  5. Monitor order status from ecommerce portals. See what orders you still need to fulfill, when they were ordered, and all applicable details.
  6. Extract top selling information for products on auction websites.
  7. Monitor competitor's inventory information.
  8. Monitor competitor's pricing and use it to re-price your own products.
  9. Verify that distributors are selling products in accordance with contracts (right price, right condition, right quantity).
  10. Check the meta information on pages of a website (description, keywords, page title).
  11. Extract YouTube videos for your own website.
  12. Extract information from corporate financial statements.
  13. Gathering auto part compatibility information (which part goes with which cars).
  14. Extract useful information from encyclopedia and journal websites.
  15. Extract dealer inventory information.
  16. Create RSS feeds for specific keywords on various websites.
  17. Extract product images and specification documents.
  18. Check competitor's shipping rates on major shopping sites.
  19. Check discount information, how many people bought the discount etc. Create discount aggregation sites by extracting discount information from sites such as Groupon.com.
  20. Retrieve tracking information for shipments from your email and have it auto update your website.
  21. Monitor twitter to regularly grab tweets about a certain collection or from a specific member.
  22. Retrieve data from an Amazon competitor and re-use their ASIN# to list on Amazon to compete with that seller
  23. Use EDF for Amazon - If you want to learn how EDF can be used for Amazon Associates watch this video - How to use Easy Data Feed to populate products from Amazon