Videos below have annotations on how to install and start developing with Easy Data Feed. Please note that if you turn on YouTube HD mode you will be able to see everything very clear when in FULL MODE.


Q: How would you consider this comparing to Selenium?

A: Selenium is browser automation component. Using selenium you can control browser, click links, navigate to pages, but it cant be used without browser.

Easy Data Feed is a GUI for modules. it provides functions to manipulate them, display results in grid, export data. Each module uses plain http requests (so no javascript support). However if you have some complex job you can use selenium to control browser, and Bridge Ready controls it and displays results.

Q: What operating systems can this run under (CentOS, Windows)? Will it be automated in the sense that I can install this on a VPS, have my HTTP server make API calls to the VPS (and your software that I've pre-programmed to screen scrape certain sites), and then have it return the data that way?

A: The app is going to be Windows only at this time. You can certainly install it on any computer. I personally use a laptop that is next to me so I can always see what is going on, but you can install it on a VPS or Amazon EC2 to run on a schedule. After each run you will have the data you need from the pre-programmed scrape.

Q: You say it's like Zapier on Steroids, does that mean it can also trigger actions on websites? Or is this pure and simple, web scraping to mine data and transform it into a programming-ready format?

A: It can trigger actions on websites, it can imitate any human behavior, it can connect to an API including Zapier to trigger some other actions, it can connect to Amazon S3 to store data. Anything you can think of that you can do by hand that would be repeative can be programmed into the process and ran by Easy Data Feed. We've even implemented decaptcha with delays. 

Q: Can this work flow be possible (automated): 1. Pull from csv file or using my store's products sku numbers (to get list to search & obtain inventory for) 2. Log into the vendors back end, enter and obtain the inventory for that SKU (off my list) 3. Post inventory numbers back to my platform (using restApi) 4. Do this one or twice a day

A: Yes absolutely, You can do everything you mentioned 1-4. The app will run on your local computer, or if you get a virtual Amazon Desktop you can run it there. It would push your data via your platform API, and pull data from a regular HTTP protocol over the browser.

Q: How different is Bridge Ready vs Mozenda



Mozenda = Monthly + Pageviews
Easy Data Feed = Free

Mozenda = You dont own it
Easy Data Feed =  You own it

Mozenda: Drag and Drop builder only
Easy Data Feed = Any programming language will do (since this can be outsourced offshore there is no time or cost savings)

Mozenda = Limited to types of data mining you can do (cant handle complex ajax or JS)
Easy Data Feed = Can handle any scenario

Mozenda = Limited on types of integration you can do
Easy Data Feed = Any integration is possible

Q: Can I see a sample built by a developer?

A: Example of developer from India showcasing a simple extraction from a website:

(Note: He has a heavy Indian accent but you can get an idea of what it takes to build one)



A: Could it extract data that requires login to access? As long as you have login you can enter it

Could it pass search criteria in order to retrieve the data? Yes

Could it navigate few pages down to retrieve data? Yes

Could it insert retrieve data to a database? Yes

Will it work with HTTPS sites? Yes