Have you ever wished that your dropship supplier can just give you the inventory and price updates that you need for your website every single hour? How many times did you beg your supplier to email you this information and then waited for days just to get nothing?

If you were the only dealer that had your supplier’s inventory, would you push it into to your Website, Amazon, eBayand other sales channels? I bet it would change the game for you.

I wrote a post about Wayfair and how it went from a startup to generating one billion dollars of revenue in just a few years. Their advantage was to be the first to market products that they carried. Their secret sauce was automating inventory, pricing and new product information because their competitors could not figure out how to do it.
Let me repeat that, one billion dollars in 2012 were drop shipped to customers by Wayfair from thousands of drop ship suppliers. So how did they do it?

PRESENTING:  Easy Data Feed is for online retailers who are dissatisfied with their drop ship supplier’s digital data for inventory, pricing and even universal product information. Easy Data Feed is a data extraction software that is designed to quickly and easily download inventory, pricing and product information into a usable spreadsheet from your drop ship supplier’s online portal without relying on the drop shipper. Unlike Data Extractors such as Mozenda, or overseas programmers, we have created a free desktop application that you can run on demand with one click of a button from your own computer, on a schedule, and insert the pricing as well as inventory right into your ecommerce website using Dropbox or FTP. If you can copy and paste the data by hand, then Easy Data Feed can extract it for you automatically.

OPPORTUNITY More products equals More Sales, More Sales equals Better Margins, and Better Margins equals More Profit. The key to success in eCommerce is to sell in volumes. Technology today has made it possible for drop ship vendors to publish their inventory on their online wholesale portals, so you can see what they have in stock before you order it. However, there is still a gap between taking that inventory and putting it on your website, eBay store, or Amazon store. If you fulfill that gap, you will become the top customer for your drop shipper. Shopping Cart Elite has developed a way to take inventory, pricing and product information from Easy Data Feed and plug it in to your eCommerce website, Amazon and eBay automatically.

This is it! This is your GOLDEN opportunity to create a multi-million dollar company overnight, and we can help you make it happen for you tomorrow.

You are one click away from putting this into action, so DO NOT think for another second and let us help you make this happen.