Web scraper can be valuable in boosting productivity and performance

Which web scraper software is best suited to automating your information gathering from the net? Datasheets give initial information. Functionality and value for money should increase with price, although it' s not always the case. Customer feedback (meaning real feedback!) provide an alternative perspective. A comparison of how customers have used the software and the level of satisfaction they express may yield important information for your own situation. Try these approaches on the selection criteria described below to see how different solutions stack up for you.

Web scraper software benefits from good back-end integration.

Usability of the Web Scraper Software

User-friendliness in automation is an important aspect for many. For private or association use, it's a matter of patience; for business use, it's a matter of productivity. Ideally, a web scraper application should be flexible in the user experience(s) offered. For immediate scraping results, a built-in macro recorder lets you perform the scraping process once manually and record it at the same time; just play back the macro whenever you want to do the same scraping operation again. For power users, a good script creator and editor (including for macro-recorded scripts) is often appreciated.

Intelligence in the Scraping Operations

 Dealing with web windows that change dimensions from one session to another, or sites that require a login with password are examples of additional intelligence that web scraper software automation should have. Software without this intelligence may lead to too rigidly defined instruction, unable to cope with any changes. As a result, the automated scraping process may become too fragile and break too often.


 The automated download of the content of an entire web site, page after page, is one possibility. But targeting specific information like data tables, links or other specific web objects can be a smarter, more efficient way of scraping data. That way you can directly access what is of interest to you, instead of having to sort through a mass of data after download.


 Server power at the website end (page serving speed) and network link speeds contribute to overall information capture performance, but the app itself also affects it. Smarter apps give users the possibility to perform local operations with MS Windows in parallel with the web scraping, to shorten total scraping session times.


 Getting the information from a web site is just one part of the process.To make good use of it, it's handy to have web scraper software that can also automatically insert the data into office automation and database applications. As soon as you start repeating any web-scraping process (reading in daily stock prices, competitor product pricing, product catalog images, and so on), extended automation like this can save significant employee time and effort.

Multiple Users

Increasing the number of individual licences to use web scraper software and automation isn't always the best solution. A web scraper software automation server or collaboration solution lets users share good ideas and best practices. Integrating web scraper software with a social media platform to discuss web scraper approaches can be valuable in boosting productivity and performance.

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