Easy Data Feed vs. YellaBot

In today’s times, the Internet is an indispensable part of a person’s life. True indeed, the world has gone online and everything has turned virtual. Thus, this means that the World Wide Web is loaded with information. If you need anything, you will find it online.

There are many businesses too that thrive on solely the Internet to sustain their operations. There are many who earn a decent living off the Internet. It is hence the age of the Internet. You can find whatever you want online, all by a click of a button. This means that there is too much of information that needs to be processed. Processing so much of information is just physically impossible. This is why the data extraction software’s have come into play.

Data Extraction software extract the data that you need even if it is in the most unstructured way and convert them into structured data. Data extraction is actually a very simple process that simplifies the task of the data surfer as well. These tools have made the lives of business owners a lot simpler by doing all the hard work of data extraction. The issue arises when it comes to settling down on one particular such software to assign the task. We have reviewed two of the top trending data extraction software’s to ease your task.

About Yellabot:

Yellabot is a powerful scrapper and data extraction tool that can satisfy any kind of professional or personal use pertaining to data mining. It takes only two minutes to install this highly efficient tool and helps to conduct all the activities in scraping in only a few minutes.  With Yellabot, it is easy to get high quality listings of business published on your particular domain. You can construct your own custom business list of leads and create your very own business local directory.

You can very promptly have your niche directories created for the purpose of search engine optimization and to get organic search results. You can even start your own local business site pertaining to reviews. With Yellabot you can also make a list of necessary numbers for the purpose of cold calling. Gathering phone numbers, auto dialers, data for the predictive dialing and the various other call-center applications are easily possible with Yellabot. Yellabot also assists in building the directories and websites.

You can provide professional services for scrapping and also gather together the email leads for the purpose of email marketing.  Collection of business addresses for the purpose of direct mail marketing is now simple. With Yellabot saving valuable energy and time is what one can expect. A professional can spend his time elsewhere while all the data mining work is taken care of by Yellabot; all it takes is only a few simple clicks.

Yellabot works at a high speed and hence sifting through a lot of data is now made easy. It needs basic settings which include country, location, keyword, and other search parameters. It needs basic technical knowledge only. It is quick and easy and facilitates smart scrapping with advanced features.  

With the smart scrapping features that it has one can enjoy easy and uninterrupted data harvesting. It also has the GEO Map coordinates that is included or combined with your scrapes that enable perfect specimens for posting on the Google Maps with respect to the business locations etc. With the Yellabot, you can clean the databases and export the same in formats consisting of SQL, TXT, and CSV.

About Easy Data Feed:

Easy Data Feed is the desktop application that every business must have. It is available at only a one time minimal fee and provides its users with unlimited usage. With Easy Data Feed, a business can get up to date information on their desired requirements. Its auto update option is enough to ensure that the numbers or relevant information is up to date. This happens at regular interval.

Easy Data Feed also keeps a track of all the data that is posted by the competitors, thus this facilitates better business decisions. The best part about Easy Data Feed is that it does not require any technical knowledge. A user only needs to set it up once and sit back and relax while it updates all the necessary information.

Easy Data Feed is capable of replacing a full time employee. The data transmission that is done from one platform to another is done hassle free with absolutely no loss of information. Inventory recording and stock keeping records are easily taken care of by Easy Data Feed.

Thus, it is evident that while Yellabot has a lot of features to offer, the Easy Data Feed is giving it tough competition. Easy Data Feed is known to be more user-friendly and also available at a reasonable deal in comparison to its other counterparts like Yellabot.