Easy Data Feed vs. WebSundew

Are you looking for data extraction software? It is important to ensure that you are choosing the best software because data extraction is one of the most important activities that can play an immense role. There is no dearth of software and hence it is up to you to go through the different details and pick the software that looks to be the best option for you.

Easy Data Feed is one of the most popular choices among people because of the huge features that it provides. At the same time, there are other options too that are equally good and so you can check the details before coming to the right conclusion regarding the software that will serve your purpose in an efficient manner.

Is WebSundew A Good Option?

All those who have used WebSundew have been optimistic of its performance because they believe that it is one of the best choices that one can have. However, before jumping to any conclusion, it is advised to go through the details of the features that WebSundew provides as it can give an insight into how the application can help you out.

  • WebSundew is a visual scraping tool that offers a rich and interactive surface for the sake of extracting useful information from different websites.
  • It is best known for the speed with which it extracts data. WebSundew is one of those applications that will breeze through the site and give you massive amount of information which you can put to right use.
  • If you are using the enterprise edition of this application, the scraping action runs at a remote server. The data that is extracted can be simultaneously published through an FTP, so you can have access to live data in real time.
  • It even helps you in handling the details of different web contents even without the use of external or internal scripts.
  • The data that is extracted can then be stored in a lot of different formats, which includes but is not limited to excel, XML, SQL server, My SQL oracle, JDBC compatible platforms, and even text CSV as well.
  • It even offers multi-threading support.
  • If you are looking to extract advanced use of this scraper, you have a separate API that you can use.
  • The tool is not extremely difficult to use and if you have some background on the use of scraping information from websites, you should be able to grasp the use of WebSundew fairly quickly.
  • There are different editions of the software for various uses and you have the option of choosing the version that you deem fit.

Thus, these are some of the salient features that can come in handy for the sake of extracting data using WebSundew. It looks to be a good option; however, Easy Data Feed is a more popular option as it comes with even larger number of functions.

The Functions Offered By Easy Data Feed:

Easy Data Feed is perhaps one of the top choices among people. There is a one-time fee that is required to use this software. However, after you have paid the fee, it is absolutely free to use it and you can scrape an unlimited amount of data from the Internet. If you are wondering about the different uses and purpose that this application serves, go through the following details:

  • It can help you in migrating stuff from one platform to another with the help of a few clicks.
  • It can scrape information from your competitor sites and you can channelize the extracted information for your own use.
  • It can also help in extracting the tracking as well as the inventory information right from your suppliers.
  • It provides an automated and efficient way of handling all your inventory needs and demands.
  • It can extract product reviews from other sites and help you get important information which can aid your business.
  • If you are facing compatibility issues for various products, Easy Data Feed can gather compatibility information from other sites too and you can use it to solve your problem.
  • It can help in coming to the right business decisions as you can find important and confidential pricing details of your rival sites and you can therefore choose the most efficient pricing strategies.
  • Even if you are looking to compete with your rivals on Amazon, this tool can come in handy as you can reuse the ASIN# for Amazon selling.
  • You can also get hold of twitter feeds of specific organization or competitors and keep track of their details.
  • You can auto update your website with the shipping details to lure customers and provide the highest level of services.

Thus, if you compare the services offered by both applications, it looks like Easy Data Feed has the upper hand.