Easy Data Feed vs. Web Data Extractor

If you are the owner of a business, you would know the importance of having the most up to date information. You would also know that getting this information is a huge hassle, as it needs the services of one, or at times more than one professional full time to do the task, depending upon the size of your business.

Thus, if this is the case, it is time that you let technology do all the hard work for you. There are the data extraction software’s available online that make the process of scrapping and digging out crucial data a very easy task. Such software’s assist in keeping a tab of the inventory as well as it channelizes the resources in the right direction. This is very important when you have to transfer information from one platform to another.

For an optimal transfer of your crucial information from one platform to another, you would need a suitable data extraction tool that ensures that this task is done with absolutely no loss of information. We have sifted through the products available online in this niche and have narrowed down the options to two of the top performing data extraction tools for your convenience. Let us understand more about them:

About Web Data Extractor:

The software; Web Data Extractor is a tool that is used for web scraping. It has been designed especially for the mass-gathering of several data kinds. This software is capable of harvesting the phone, fax numbers, the URL’s, the email addresses, and also the Meta tags apart from the text in the body.

The Web Data Extractor is also known as a link extractor utility tool. It functions by the most common method of letting out its ‘bots,’ also known as its ‘crawlers’ through a list of URL’s mentioned for certain files, or else by making use of the keywords placed in the search engines. You may also permit it to follow the other external webpage links from the main pages with the ability to penetrate as deep as possible into the site paths as required. It comes for a good price, however, not very reasonable but then it does offer services to justify the fee. Web Data Extractor comes with a 14 day trial period as well. However, it lacks API and scheduling.

Web Data Extractor functions in the following manner:

You need to begin by defining the parameters for the search, also specify the geographical path that you would want to work within. This tool will raise a query on the search engines by making use of the keywords as desired and entered. It will fetch you the information which matches the specified URL’s and removes the duplicate or cloned URL’s, then it browses through the various links to extract the specific data.

The Web Data Extractor promises to be a very powerful tool. One can make use of it so as to follow the external sites by means of unlimited looping. With the help of this feature one can very conveniently go through the entire web as per the desired searches. Moreover, Web Data Extractor facilitates user selectable recursion.

About Easy Data Feed:

One of the most extensively used data extraction software in today’s times is the Easy Data Feed. Most business owners have this desktop application and are content with the positive results. It is an easy to use tool with the highest degree of simplicity in the user interface. The Easy Data Feed charges only a nominal onetime fee and with it, offers unlimited usage. This is indeed a deal that needs to be taken advantage of.

There are several benefits of the Easy Data Feed in comparison to its competitors. They are:

Easy Data Feed is so simple to use that even a complete novice in this field can make good use of it. Unlike its competitors, EDF is not a complicated suite that demands a lot of technological exposure from the users end.

Easy Data Feed is good at what it does, i.e. it mines the data from all the relevant sources and ensures that the data is refreshed as and when any changes takes place. It is hence very apt for those businesses that need immediate change reflection – like the stock market for instance.

Easy Data Feed ensures that there is not even a single percent of data loss when it comes to transferring the data from one platform to the other.

Thus, we see that at a cost much lesser than the Web Data Extractor, the Easy Data Feed is able to provide unmatched services that are at par when it comes to the expectations of the businesses. This is a tool that can make the business data extraction process much simpler.