Easy Data Feed vs. Web Content Extractor

An entrepreneur knows the importance of information more than anyone else. With the advent of the Internet, information just floods the place. Time is a scarce resource in business. Thus, any aid in shortening the process of data mining of the crucial information is more than welcome.

The techies have realized the importance of data mining or extraction and the time that gets invested in it. Thus, a business can now save on valuable time by making use of the Data Extraction software’s that are available in abundance. However, it is a quiet a daunting task to realize which one among the many such tools available online is worth it.

A business needs the most updated information to make strategic decisions. Such decisions arise out of competitive analysis. Moreover, the competitive analysis is a task in itself. The data extraction tools make this task very easy by constantly updating important and very crucial information regarding the market. We have reviewed two of the very popular online tools that are used to make the task of data extraction an easy one. Let us take a look:

About Web Content Extractor:

The Web Content Extractor tool is a very simple and user-friendly application, which scrapes the pages online and effectively parses data from them. This tool is very simple to use and it also provides the user with the ability to go ahead and save the details of every project for reference at a later date. There is also a trial version; however, one can work with just 150 records for every scrape project.

When it comes to exporting and placing the data in the several formats, the Web Content Extractor proves to be good for the purpose of grouping the data in Excel, HTML, text, SQL File, MS Access, XML, ODBC, and Script File format. It is an easy to use tool thus; it steadily progresses in a very practical function for the complex cases.

The Web Content Extractor offer a 14 day free trial period. It is scheduled by the Windows Task Manager. Moreover, this tool is the best way to capture the data in merely 5 clicks that one would need for the progress of their business. It is perfect for scrapping basic pages that have low complex features, making it apt for individual proprietorship and small sized businesses.

About Easy Data Feed:

Easy Data Feed is the world’s renowned data extraction software that assists in the process of extraction of meaningful data from several sites, not only the main sources, but also from the websites of the competitors. This way, a business has the opportunity to keep reviewing its strategies and take corrective steps wherever applicable. The Easy Data Feed helps fetching information from a host of sites and the best part is that this information gets refreshed on its own without manual intervention. EDF is a highly useful tool when it comes to the migration of data from one particular platform to a different one. This process is done is a hassle free way as well.

Infinite information can be captured from unlimited sites with the help of Easy Data Feed. It offers valuable insights for the purpose of promotion pertaining to the respective businesses. The task of handling the stock and maintaining inventory is really painstaking and if it is done manually then it would require a lot of resources. Since an e-commerce business is indispensible without an efficient data extraction tool, Easy Data Feed serves the purpose just right. It transfers information from one platform to the other with absolutely no loss of information.

With the use of this tool, the entrepreneur can very conveniently handle the stock inventories and can even get the necessary information right at the fingertips. It very seamlessly integrates social media in the data extraction process as well. Not many tools offer such a neat service, but this is indeed possible with Easy Data Feed. This helps in shaping and molding the business strategy. EDF can fetch information from the various research sites, social networks, and even keep a track of all the posts by your competitors regardless of the platform. This helps in tracking the next move of the competitor and helps to plan your step accordingly.

Thus, we see that while every business, big or small in size needs assistance in data extraction, not all the tools serve the purpose. Easy Data Feed is a desktop application that only charges a onetime fee for an unlimited usage. Thus, we see that Easy Data Feed tops the chart in being the most favored data extraction software that is not only efficient performance wise but also cost wise. Many business owners have testified the use of this tool and will vouch for the benefits that it can provide.