Easy Data Feed vs. Screen Scraper

Software’s related to web extraction are abundantly found in the market. These are mandatory for an e-commerce business. The web extraction software is basically required to keep a track of the inventory and help in taking appropriate decisions. Apart from the said, a web extraction tool has the flexibility of transferring information from one store or platform to a different one. The web extraction tool thus must be user-friendly and efficient. Therefore, the right selection of the web extraction tool is of utmost important for the betterment of an e-commerce store.

Easy Data Feed is among the front runners, as it is the data extraction software that is used by most e-commerce stores. Similarly, Screen Scraper is also a well known brand, which has a good position in the market. Both the software’s offer some of the most distinguished features that help in taking crucial business decisions. The Easy Data Feed software is equipped with several important tools that allow the user to carry multi-task without application of high level technicality.

Screen Scraper is basically suitable for serving mid to large size e-commerce store for different activities such as scraping, inventory management, saving etc. Screen Scraper uses its approach which is very similar to Regex for data extraction. Screen Scraper has the ability to integrate with different systems and Java support, which is beneficial during writing scripts for program of large module/scale.

Before using any software related to web extraction tool, one should know the effectiveness of both Easy Data Feed and Screen Scraper. So, before taking any decision the features of the software should be well understood.

Some of the characteristics of Screen Scraper:

Some of the basis characteristics of Screen Scraper are summarized as under:

Cost: $412 for professional and $2099 for enterprises.

Trial Version: Basic edition free.

Functionality: 4/5.

Learning experience: 4/5.

Operating software specifications: Win, Mac, UNIX, or Linux.

Format of data export: Text.

Ability to Multi-Thread: yes (up to 20).

API: Only for professional and enterprise version.

Scheduling: Using window task manager.

Some points that describe the use of Easy Data Feed:

  • Easy Data Feed is a desktop tool, which helps in extracting meaningful data from personal website as well as from the websites of rivals in the same field. Accordingly, one has the opportunity to revise business strategies and grow the organization based on the information gathered by EDF.
  • Easy Data Feed is very handy with respect to migrating from one platform to other and it does it in hassle free manner.
  • One can get information from infinite sources through the Internet by using Easy Data Feed and can offer valuable guideline for promotion of the respective business.
  • Since handling of stock is a cumbersome work and dealing with inventory is equally cumbersome, the e-commerce entrepreneur faces a lot of complications. By the use of Easy Data Feed, e-commerce entrepreneur can make stock handling automatic, and can find the required information at fingertips.
  • It can extract information from social media as well. Sometimes extracting data from social media like Twitter and Facebook is of great use for revising the business strategy according to the demand. This will help in molding and shaping the business strategy. 

Some of the Advantages of Easy Data Feed:

There are many advantage of Easy Data Feed over its competitors. Some of them are summarized below:

  • Screen Scraper is an alternative tool, which deal with different kinds of mining related to data handling. However, the software requires more time for a rookie or first time user to master it. Therefore, it is always preferred to have scraping master for an e-commerce store only. On the other hand, Easy Data Feed is much simpler to operate and learn.
  • One of the most important criteria of choosing software for web extraction is its cost. The software should be affordable along with being effective. Easy Data Feed is affordable for low budget stores, yet excellent with respect to its versatility. It is easier to download and available only at a nominal onetime fee.
  • Easy Data Feed is among the renowned software available for handling complex inventories owing to its simple and friendly user interface.
  • Editing of data is easier which can be done easily by the file transfer protocol.
  • Easy Data Feed has the ability to amaze any one by its versatile uses and the applications it can serve.


The choice of software basically depends on the requirements of the users. Screen Scraper is widely acceptable software, which deals with different kinds of mining related activities pertaining to data handling. However, the software requires more time for a novice to master it. In contrast, Easy Data Feed is much simpler to operate and learn. 

Equipped with a plethora of important features, Easy Data Feed certainly has an edge over the other web extraction software’s. It is of tremendous use for an e-commerce store. Easy Data Feed has many features to uplift the business opportunity by handling complex inventories.