Easy Data Feed vs. Helium Scraper

If you plan to put up your own ecommerce store then it is important to have workable web extraction software. This kind of software helps to keep track of your inventory and channel it in the right direction. It is also extremely useful to move your store information from one platform to the other. Optimal transfer of the information of your ecommerce store to a different platform involves the use of the foremost data extraction software that is available.

Undoubtedly; Easy Data Feed belongs to the topmost category. The market even offers different web extraction software like the Helium Scraper, which is quite impressive too. Both these software work well with regard to platform migration and have a variegated, rich set of features, which can be easily set up and applied.

Data Extraction and mining is a tedious task. It takes up a lot of time and a business cannot afford to employ its resources solely for this task, even though it seems very important. Thus, the online data extraction tools that are available serve this need of the business. There are several tools available online that assist in the mundane tasks of a business pertaining to data mining and extraction. While there are many such software’s available online, two of the most prominent ones include, Helium Scraper and Easy Data Feed. Let’s find out the features that these applications provide:

Amazing features offered by Helium Scraper:

The Helium Scraper data feed extraction software is affordable and shows good usability and functionality. The method of extraction is different from other extraction software. This makes this brand completely unique and a first choice.

The simple operations afforded by the Helium Scraper are impressive and it is also highly robust. It has a set up that can be easily worked to provide multi-level extraction. This extracted data is then converted to other forms, such as tables. SQL queries are run alongside the extracted data to do this kind of conversion. Certainly this is awe inspiring. The Helium Scraper assists the manipulation and facilitation of a lot of complicated information via SQL scripts and JavaScript. There is a visual inner joint feature of multi-level data.

It has one flaw or weakness and that is to verify/check to see if a ‘kind’ is defined correctly. The ‘kind’ which is created, needs to have a matching relationship to the target data to be extracted. Finally, it’s good enough to say that the Helium Scraper is essentially of a superior quality and highly developed. Certainly, it’s a data ripper that has adaptability to multiple purposes. Armed with an advanced algorithm, it is able to extract with a minimum structured data. The data ripped in multiple formats is then arranged orderly into tables. A very interesting and useful feature is that one has an option to pre-built templates online.

Is Easy Data Feed Better?

Easy Data Feed is the most popular data extraction tool that a business can possibly come across. It is easily available online for a minimal charge. It has unlimited usage, thus the onetime fee will last you a lifetime. It is a very easy to use tool that caters to the erratic business needs very efficiently.

With the help of Easy Data Feed it is very simple to keep a tab on the inventory, which is of prime importance if the business has its own ecommerce portal. The shifting of information from one platform to another too is a very simple task with EDF. It ensures that there is no loss of information. Thus, Easy Data Feed is the best solution for all the inventory management needs.

The Easy Data Feed has a very user-friendly interface, which makes understanding this tool very easy. It also comes with its own internal scheduler so as to make the updates easily available as and when required. It also has its own data management and subsequent language tools available. Easy Data Feed is designed with the most recent technological updates which make it very convenient to use across portals.

Moreover, it can fetch information from social media, research reports, and even the competitor’s presence on any online portal. This tool is very apt for small businesses and entrepreneurs as it has all the features that would ideally be required by such set ups. It saves the businessman a lot of time, efforts, and resources when it comes to data mining and extraction. 

Thus, it is clear that for a one-stop solution to all the data extraction needs, Easy Data Feed is the best pick as it is very cost effective. When it comes to business, time is money and hence any efficient tool that can help save the business valuable time is in turn saving them a lot more money. Available at the most reasonable fee for an unlimited usage, the Easy Data Feed thus wins the battle.