Easy Data Feed vs. Easy Web Extract

There is a lot of data extraction software that we can find. When you are looking to extract data, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best application that will serve your purpose efficiently and can help you get unlimited amount of data from sites you are competing too.

Two of the popular data extraction software has to be Easy Data Feed and Easy Web Extract. Both these applications provide a lot of help, so it may be difficult to decide which one to use unless you have an idea of the features and functions that each one of them provides.

The features offered by Easy Web Extract:

It is designed by Web2Mine and the scrape tool that is been used is based on .NET technology. It is one of the finest tools that can be used for simple data extraction from the web. You can export data that you have collected from the Internet into various different formats, which are as follows:

  • CSV file
  • Text file
  • XML file
  • HTML
  • MS Access
  • Database format
  • SQL script files
  • ODBC data source format
  • MS excel and so on.

Thus, you will always have a lot of different options to choose from when you are opting to download the files and information that you have collected. However, there have been a few rumors that Easy Web Extract has copied interface, functions, and the method of working from Web Content Extractor, which is another data scraping tool. There has been no official confirmation; however, one cannot undermine the obvious similarities in between the two platforms.

This application is moderately easy to learn. If you are aware of the basic ways in which data scraping applications work, you should be able to grasp its method of working with relative ease.

One of the major complains with this application is that when data scarping is done, it may take a lot of time to load the URL and those who detest the waiting time may not take a liking to this platform. Thus, it is not the best possible software that you can use. Also, when it comes to fairly complex calculations and scraping of data, the software may not come in handy.

So, all those who are looking for a much more effective solution that is laden with a lot of other related features can check out Easy Data Feed and the different details of the same.

How can Easy Data Feed assist you?

Easy Data Feed has often been termed as the ideal solution because it is laden with a wide variety of different features and functionalities. Following is a comprehensive list of the different utilities that Easy Data Feed can provide.

  • Easy Data Feed can help immensely when you are changing a shopping cart platform.
  • Migrating data is relatively easier with Easy Data Feed.
  • Easy Data Feed can help you copy limitless data from the Internet. It comes with a onetime fee and after making the payment, you can have access to unending data from the vast world of Internet.
  • It can also aid in having an automated inventory management system as it will keep track of your supplies and thereby will aid in efficient stock handling.
  • Even when it comes to gathering leads from online directories, it is Easy Data Feed that can come to your rescue.
  • If you want to extract information regarding your rivals and competitors, Easy Data Feed can pass through their websites and extract all such information which you may require.
  • It can also come in handy when you are extracting reviews from different websites.
  • If you are having trouble taking the right business decision, having an insight into the way your rivals function can shed important light. It is Easy Data Feed that will help you in getting details of the pricing strategies that are used by your competitors and you can make smart use of such information to take your own decision.
  • Easy Data Feed can also help in extracting YouTube videos for your own website.
  • You can also integrate the platform with Twitter and you can extract important tweets of the top companies, and thus keep an eye on the different details thoroughly.
  • You can use the ASIN# to compete with your competitors on Amazon and extract a lot of meaningful information.

Hence, Easy Data Feed looks to be one of the top choices because apart from helping you extract information, it is also loaded with a lot of additional features. It is extremely easy to operate and even if you do not have a great amount of technical knowledge, you will be able to operate it without any troubles. Definitely, Easy Data Feed looks to be a better choice.