Easy Data Feed vs. Web Harvy

Easy Data Feed is a wonderful desktop application which has made work easy for many business units. It is time saving software and has shown way to those who want to become rich by being stress free.

Now you don’t have to depend on your drop ship supplier with the recent updates for inventory price details every hour, as this software fulfills all your needs automatically, thereby keeping you aware with the market scenarios. Moreover, generating inventory updates with new product information of your rival can be figured out by EDF.

Benefits of EDF:

  • It has made life easier as you do not have to request your drop ship supplier to provide you the timely and accurate data every time.
  • It can download the inventory information like price and updates regarding the products into a working spreadsheet.
  • EDF is impressive software as it works according to your choice. It is as wonderful as Mozenda and other overseas programs.
  • It is absolutely free of cost and works with a single click of your computer key.
  • This free desktop application enables you to make adjustments in your cost prices of the merchandizes based on the products of the other company’s market value.
  • It works splendidly in extracting the information from the commercial directories and the rival’s web data base.
  • Even if you wish to take out the auction database of the rival company, it can do it for you.
  • All information with the minutest details, whether it is the cost price or the volume information of the opponent company can be received by the user quickly.
  • There is no threat of losing any critical data while migration of inventories from one platform to the other.
  • FTP or Drop box menu in EDF software makes editing in the inventory details hassle free and easy.
  • Taking any business decision regarding your own company was never so easy before implementing EDF software. Now, it can be done quickly by comparing your own prices with the rival’s prices and making changes in your own merchandize prices.

More about Web Harvy Software:   

Web Harvy is one among the smart software which can scrape data from the web automatically in the form of URL’s texts and images. After scraping the contents in separate formats, it saves it automatically. This is one of the most powerful and easy to implement software. Web scraping is the process of extracting data in the desired format and can be used in your personal applications.          

Key Benefits of Web Harvy Software:

  • Scraping through “Point and click”: This visual web scraper scrapes the data through point and click interface. You have to simply browse, select, and then scrape the data. In this software for scraping, no scripts, codes, or intricate set ups are required. There are numerous ways in which the data can be scraped, so you can use the most convenient one based on your choice.
  • Easy Configuration of the data through Web Harvy Software: This is one of the intelligent software which can recognize the data undergoing repetition. The customer does not have to go through many complexities in the software while communicating with the software. It manages to have the least involvement of keys and mouse. Hence, when you are scraping the desired data from the web like the basic information of the user (name, age, date of birth, email address, phone number, address, etc) it will intelligently identify and pick the information automatically.
  • Convenient scraping of the contents from sections and sub sections: If you want to format the pages within your own website by simulating the links, then scarping will do wonders here. This software allows very easy scraping of the categories and sub categories in the most important place of your website, whether it is on the home page or within the home page.
  • Scraping through the keywords: Through Web Harvy software, scraping is done by feeding the list of keywords in a website which automatically searches for the input keywords and scrapes the final data.
  • Anonymously scraping through proxy servers in Web Harvy Software: When you provide a single or a group of proxy servers, the data is scraped anonymously. Remote web servers usually block the computer’s IP address and proxy servers can stop this in Web Harvy software thereby making scrapping convenient.
  • Inbuilt scheduler in Web Harvy Software: The inbuilt scheduler in Web Harvy Software schedules the scrapping tasks automatically.
  • Reasonable price of Web Harvy Software: This software is within your budget as you can purchase it just for $99. The price includes free of cost lifetime support and absolutely free updates for an entire year.

These were the benefits of both the software. However, we cannot call any software superior to the other as both software have their pitfalls and advantages. Some features are present in EDF while others can be seen in Web Harvy Software. So, it is you who needs to decide which one to choose.