Easy Data Feed vs Mozenda

There is so much of information available online that it would need a team of dedicated people solely for the purpose of extracting and filtering relevant information. This however is not a feasible solution in the business world where each and every second is very precious.

The data that we see online is available in so many formats that conversion of the same becomes another task in itself. Hence, to facilitate seamless migration one would need good software as a migration tool. Modern technology has a solution to every kind of problem present and yet to come.

For the purpose of extracting relevant data online, there are special tools which are known as the web extraction tools. These tools make the task of fetching the relevant information very possible. Hence, no matter what format the data is in, they are capable of converting it into the desired format.

Again, there is an outburst in the number of similar tools that are available in the market. It becomes difficult for the business to settle down on a particular brand that is capable of taking care of all its data requirements. We have listed two of the well known data extraction software’s as under:

More about Mozenda:

Mozenda is quite a popular name when it comes to efficient data extraction tools. It is a premium product and comes at a price of around $99 per 5000 pages. It comprises of two parts, one is the Mozenda Web Console, which is a web application that permits running of an Agent (Agents are the scrape projects), viewing and organizing the results, exporting and publishing the extracted data.

The next one is the Agent Builder, which is a windows application that is used for building the data extraction project. The Mozenda’s Data Centers process the data extraction at its optimized harvesting servers and this way it helps in relieving the clients with the process of loading the web resources and the threats of banning the IP address. Mozenda Data Extractor is hence considered to be a very useful tool which executes the scraper in respective clouds.

The scattered nature of this particular web ripper functions in a precise way for large scale volume of scrapping and simultaneous web harvest. Mozenda has a unique way of selecting the service items and then proceeds to append the output files for a combination of data from several sources. The results of exporting and publishing that includes email notification are its winning features.

Mozenda is a good tool for businesses but it is not useful at an individual level as it is quite complicated to use. It is powerful software that has amazing point and click user interface. The tool is continuously improving as it is in the early stage of its learning curve. The businesses that make use of Mozenda claim to have a good feedback about the same; however, it is not recommended for the light computer users who do not understand basic coding like HTML. They have good customer care system whose help one would normally need owing to the high level of understanding that this tool requires.

More about Easy Data Feed:

Easy Data Feed is free tool, which has elite functionalities that are channelized in a particular way. There are several features of Easy Data Feed that make it a favorite among many. It is a desktop application that can be easily used by an individual as well as an entire business. It fetches relevant data from the desired sources and this also includes the competitor’s site. There are not many technicalities involved in this software, thus making it very easy to use. It is particularly useful when there is the need to migrate from one platform to another.

Since it keeps a tab on your competitor’s line of business and activities, it keeps you alert on the kind of changes you would need to bring in so as to match and beat your competitor. The information can be easily extracted by Easy Data Feed from the desired sources like the directories, online journals, social media networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.

EDF is also useful when it comes to online inventory management. It is an automated process and hence the hassle of keeping a tab on the minute details is taken care of. Easy Data Feed helps in making the right business decision, as your strategies would be formed or modified based on the information gathered by EDF.

Conclusion: By looking at the features of both software, Easy Data Feed is ahead of its counterparts as it is easy to use with no technicalities involved. Moreover, EDF has a one time fee as compared to Mozenda, which has a monthly fee structure as well as limitations on their pages. In today’s highly competitive world, a business needs an extraction tool to help them in their pursuit of staying ahead of their competition and EDF will provide all this and more.