Easy Data Feed vs. iRobotSoft

When you are establishing an e-commerce store, web extraction software plays an imperative role. With this software, you can keep a track of all the web information whether it’s your own personal inventories or of the rival’s sites. Web Extraction software is an automated tool present on the web, which helps in transferring the data from one platform to the desired place. The software is adorned with intelligent tools wherein the user does not have to apply much technicality.

To check the effectiveness of iRobotSoft or EDF software, the user must know its features and then jump to any conclusion.

What is iRobotSoft?

IRobotSoft software is an extremely intelligent automation web scrapper. Web scrapping is a practice of extracting information usually in the form of HTML format while hoarding and investigating the data from the spreadsheets.

IRobotSoft and visual web scrapping: Whether you are a new data collector, web tester, or a data expert; it fulfills the need of all. The visual web generated technology has the ability to produce a web robot, which is based on the preferences of the user.

 IRobotSoft for Web testers: Unlimited fun can be had on the web by creating your own robot in just a few minutes. This software is enabled with a user-friendly interface with an internal scheduler that can make the robot run on intervals of time period and at fixed frequency. Its influential data management language tool enables maximum number of dexterous programmers to run and manipulate the software on their own. The super powerful web robots can do the job actively by replicating the clicked links and organizing the schedules systematically. IRobotSoft is so brilliantly designed that the database can be united conveniently with the interfaces. The best part is that it keeps you updated with the other parts of the world through social networking websites. You do not have to apply much effort and time while being connected to Twitter, Facebook, or other similar sites.

Use of iRobotSoft for data expert: iRobotSoft is automated web robot software, which implements sophisticated mechanical technique to provide training to the web robots. It offers a well organized computerized program for the market analysis, thereby playing a significant role for web realtors and web researchers. Collection of regularly advertised data from the public domain of web and looking for the particular keywords by home researchers regarding certain topic is a miracle that solves the purpose of the user in a mouse click.

Physically challenged people: Low vision or physically challenged people can use the iRobot software in a convenient way. They can use its version entirely free. This software is free of cost and can be downloaded on your system. The customer care option assists with timely help in case of any queries.

What is Easy Data Feed?

 It is a rich set of functionalities channelized in a specific direction. Like iRobotSoft, EDF has also a plethora of significant features. Popularly known as EDF, this is significantly used as free desktop applications by the users. It has an upper hand in extracting the data not only from their own website, but also from their competitor’s website to promote their own marketing with proper planned strategies.

  • EDF does not involve any technicalities. It is completely hassle free software. Migration of the shopping cart from one place to another is an easy task for a novice too.
  • By keeping a track on the competitor’s business, you can adjust your prices in accordance with the competitor. It would be an immense help for you in leading the business.
  • Internet is an infinite source of information, and you can extract the details from the corporate directories and the opponent sites. EDF software helps you a lot in this work.
  • Inventory handling has not remained a cumbersome job with EDF. The stock handling is automatic and the desired data can be had on your fingertips.
  • You can even extract the data from the social networking sites to implement your own strategies in a channelized direction. For example, use of all the information on Twitter or Facebook can be tracked by the user through EDF.
  • EDF assists you in taking any business decision based on the details of your rival’s sites. You can even implement the best pricing strategies for marketing based on this software.

Conclusion: Now, it depends on the user and his choice to use either of the software. EDF provides plethora of ways to enjoy and take benefit. It is one among the top data extraction software in addition to inventory handling. Its smooth handling of portals from one platform to the other has made it unique and appealing to the users. Moreover, iRobotSoft is automated web software for the everyday needs of an individual to meet his requirements. This works on the principal of simulation of the data. The data is available on the Internet with user-friendly interfaces and can be connected with the entire world in a fraction of seconds.