Easy Data Feed vs. Fuse Pump

Easy Data Feed is an online facility for all online retailers who aren't contended with the digital data supply of their drop ship supplier comprising of pricing, product, and inventory related information. Easy Data Feed has emerged as extremely efficient software for easy and quick download of the product, inventory, and other pricing related information. The downloaded information can be easily stored in the form of an easily accessible spreadsheet, without any reliance on the drop shipper.

As opposed to the data extractors like Mozenda, Easy Data Feed is a free desktop application and can be run on user demand, at a simple click of a button. Moreover, the information can be easily inserted into the online ecommerce portal through FTP or Dropbox. Gone are the days when the online retailers had to copy and paste the information manually. Today, the information can be extracted automatically with the help of Easy Data Feed.

On the other hand, Fuse Pump is an online software tool that allows easy extraction of the product information directly from the online webpage of the products on the ecommerce portals. The software also helps in the efficient management of remarketing and distribution of the same products on different online portals, channels, etc. and helps in the generation of incremental sales and revenue for the online retailers.

Fuse Pump also ensures that the product information is always displayed in an engaging and presentable manner. Apart from this, Fuse Pump also offers facilities like end-to-end management of the account, consultation for the channel marketing needs, tools and platforms for the purpose of data feed, ecommerce management, etc. Fuse Pump has rendered the niche of multi-channel based ecommerce profitable and simple.

Although, both are online software tools, Easy Data Feed has an edge over Fuse Pump, given the high efficiency of this free software too. Being a unique shopping cart information migration tool, Easy Data Feed offers complete solution for the successful establishment and easy business handling of the online stores. Easy Data Feed offers expert solutions to online retailers who are wondering either to switch over to better shopping cart facility or to the updated latest version of their present shopping cart.

As compared to other online facilities like Fuse Pump, Easy Data Feed offers a variety of services such as migration of complete store information, easy-to-use user interface, customized and automated migration functionalities, desktop based easy data migration services and much more. When it comes to data migration services, Easy Data Feed offers every possible solution. If you are still confused whether you should opt for Easy Data Feed or not, read below to read the major services EDF can offer you.

- Data extraction services:

Easy Data Feed offers services like:

  1. Easy migration of information from any old website to a new one.
  2. Efficient migration of product information from the supplier or competitor end.
  3. Extraction of inventory and tracking data from the supplier end.
  4. Extraction of data from the invoice of the supplier.

- Complex inventory extraction services:

The services offered by Easy Data Feed under this category include:

  1. Easy Data Feed automates complicated feeds like the information provided by the distributors in form of complicated excel sheets consisting of inventory counts.
  2. Easy Data Feed also automates feeds in form of FTP addresses.
  3. EDF relives the online retailers from the hassles of manually updating the feeds.

- Other useful services:

Apart from this, Easy Data Feed offers services like:

  1. Easy extraction of the product reviews from other online portals.
  2. Leads can easily be gathered from the business directories online with the help of EDF.
  3. Information from different classified advertisements can be gathered easily from a variety of online portals and used for fulfilling the pending orders of new products.
  4. Product catalogs comprising of important details like product manuals, images, etc. can be downloaded from webpages of different manufacturers and wholesalers.
  5. Easy Data Feed can also help the online retailers in monitoring the order status from a variety of ecommerce platforms. EDF helps in monitoring which orders are pending and need to be fulfilled, the time at which they were ordered and other applicable details.
  6. The top selling information about different products can be gathered from the auction webpages.
  7. The inventory information of the competitors can be monitored and gathered with the help of Easy Data Feed.
  8. The product prices setup by the competitors can also be monitored with the help of EDF and with the help of this information; the online retailers can revise prices of their products.
  9. Easy Data Feed can also be used for the verification that the products are being sold by the distributors as per the set norms of the contract.
  10. YouTube videos can be extracted easily for the user website.
  11. The important information from the financial statements issued by the corporate houses can also be extracted with the help of EDF.