Easy Data Feed vs. Cart2Cart

Easy Data Feed is a specialized service for online retail merchants who aren’t contended with the digital data supplied by the drop ship supplies for product information, pricing, and inventory. Easy Data Feed can be defined as a data extraction based software that has been designed for quick and easy extraction and downloading of pricing, product, and inventory information.

The downloaded information can be stored in the form of a usable spreadsheet, without any reliance on the drop shipper. Unlike the other data extractors like Mozenda, this desktop application is free and can be executed on user demand at a simple mouse click. The pricing as well as the inventory can be directly inserted into the ecommerce webpage, using the FTP or Dropbox facility. Easy Data Feed extracts the data automatically, without the need to cut and paste the data manually.

Cart2Cart is another online data extraction service that enables the users to move the data from one shopping cart to another, without much effort. Just like Easy Data Feed, Cart2Cart renders data migration easier and simpler. Online retailers can transfer information pertaining to their customers, products, etc. Users simply need to select the target and current platforms, by listing the URLs. This migration of information between the two carts is provided through a connection bridge, which needs to be downloaded beforehand.

Although, Easy Data Feed and Cart2Cart offer similar functionalities, there are many advantages that Easy Data Feed offers over Cart2Cart. Data transfer has never been so easy before the development of Easy Data Feed. Mostly, online retailers have complained that the digital data supplied by the drop ship supplier is complicated and is an inefficient way of storing the information. It is simply because the extraction and retrieval of information turns out to be a tough task in this case. This is where Easy Data Feed comes to the rescue of online retailers. It offers an efficient system which is not only useful but also handy. EDF enables the retailers to easily update the information, extract the required data and serve the needs with utmost precision.

One of the major advantages offered by Easy Data Feed over Cart2Cart is the former’s free of cost desktop application. Moreover, in case of EDF no technical skill or expertise is required for executing the data transfer operation. One needs to simply press few buttons and the complete inventory list will be available at the disposal of the user.

If you are wondering about opting for a reliable data migration expert and are confused between Easy Data Feed and Cart2Cart, then read below to discover some of the basic advantages of Easy Data Feed, which renders it the most preferred option.

- Data can be entered and prices can be edited easily by way of FTP or Dropbox while using Easy Data Feed. Other inventory information can also be edited in a similar manner.

- The competitor data and information on Amazon can also be retrieved easily. This gives your business a significant boost and empowers you to compete better.

- Amidst the cut throat competition, you can make use of Easy Data Feed for extracting the pricing information of the competitors. With the help of the information gathered, you can edit your product prices accordingly and thereby benefit from the increment in your sales volume.

- Important and useful information from the auction webpages can also be extracted easily with the help of Easy Data Feed. By gathering this useful information, you can manage your product sales effectively and witness a lead in the market charts.

- Not only can you regulate the product information with the help of Easy Data Feed, but also monitor the inventory information of your competitors effectively.

- With the help of EDF, you can extract the useful information from the ordering portal. By the use of EDF, you can easily get the snapshot of the pending orders, pending requirements to be fulfilled, and many other useful details.

- Through EDF, you can easily collect images, product catalogs, and other useful information from a variety of websites and make use of them for updating your current webpage.

- Information such as classified advertisements can also be collected with the help of this data migration tool and can be used for pricing the inventory at optimum prices.

- Tabs can be kept on different types of items; supply status, order status, and stock status, etc.

If you are dealing in the ecommerce niche and own an ecommerce store, then it’s high time that you make use of Easy Data Feed. It will help in better handling of different details pertaining to inventory and in an efficient and ordered manner. Easy Data Feed is one of the best ever data migration applications produced. Free from technical complexities, EDF offers the best option especially for those who do not possess too much of technical expertise.